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  • MUTH 6680 Fall 2005
  • Instructor: Dr. David Bard-Schwarz
  • Office: MU 104
  • E-mail: david.schwarz@unt.edu
  • Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:00-2:00

In this course we will work on anaylzing new music. A copy of reader of articles and scores is waiting for you at the Union. You may each make one copy of the reader for your own use. We will focus on readings on Tuesdays and Analytical Work on Thursdays; the pieces for the class come (in large part) from the readings. You may listen to the pieces on line on the Player to the right.

Since this is an advanced graduate class, regular and punctual attendance is assumed. One cut is allowed; each subsequent cut will lower your final grade 1/3 a letter. Excused absences (medical emergencies and scheduled UNT COM activities) will not affect your grade.

You will write one-page beginnings of papers for each Thursday's discussion of music. These pages should sound like the beginnings of analytical papers; they will articulate an analytic thesis and cover one musical example from / of the work in question.

Grades will be determined as follows:

  • Daily Participation and Writing = 20%
  • Seminar Paper = 80%
  • 08.30.2005
    Robert Morgan, "On the Analysis of Recent Music" p. 1
  • 09.01.2005
    Berio, "Seqenza III" p. 23
  • 09.06.2005
    Jonathan Bernard, "Voice-Leading as a Spatial Function in the Music of Ligeti" p. 31
  • 09.08.2005
    Ligeti's "Lux Aeterna" p. 59
  • 09.13.2005
    Patrick McCreless, "Anatomy of a Gesture: From Davidovsky to Chopin and Back" p. 78
  • 09.13.2005
    Davidovsky, "Electronic Study No. 1" not in reader
  • 09.15.2005
    Rochberg's "Oboe Concerto" p. 110
  • 09.20.2005
    Philip Lambert, "Toward a Theory of Chord Structure for the Music of Ives" p. 138
  • 09.22.2005
    Charles Ives, "Tom Sails Away" p. 168
  • 09.27.2005
    David S. Lefkowitz, "Schoenberg and His Op. 23, #4: A Functional Analysis" p. 171
  • 09.29.2005
    Individual Class Functional Analyses
  • 10.04.2005
    Joseph N. Straus, Atonal Voice-Leading -- In-Class Handout 09.29.05
  • 10.06.2005
    Webern, Bagatelle Opus 9, No. 5
  • 10.06.2005
    Berg, Opus 2, No. 4
  • 10.11.2005
    presentations on atonal voice-leading
  • 10.13.2005
    No Class
  • 10.18.2005
    Chapman, Jennifer, Rene, Colin, John
  • 10.20.2005
    See-Ai, Colin, John, Dave, Gary
  • 10.25.2005
    Jay, Alan, Jung-Hoon, Dave, Eddie
  • 10.27.2005
    Rihm's "Gesungene Zeit" I not in the reader
  • 10.27.2005
    Rihm's "Gesungene Zeit" II not in the reader
  • 10.27.2005
    Pearsall, "Interpreting Music Durationally" p. 199
  • 11.01.2005
    Lewin, Some Ideas About Voice-Leading Between PCSets
  • 11.03.2005
    Risset's "Mutations" not in the reader
  • 11.03.2005
    Robert Morris, "Listening to Milton Babbitt's Electronic Music: The Medium and the Message" p. 294
  • 11.08.2005
    Babbitt, Twelve-Tone Rhythmic Structures and the Electronic Medium | On the cork board outside my office by Friday noon
  • 11.10.2005
    Rovan, "Vis-a-Vis" not in the reader
  • 11.17.2005
    Rovan, Vis-a-Vis (on reserve at chilton)
  • 11.22.2005
    Stockhausen, As time passes
  • 11.29.2005
    Dave Spectral Music and Stockhausen
  • 12.01.2005
    John Adams, "On the Transmigration of Souls"
  • 12.06.2005
    Seminar Paper Conferences
  • 12.08.2005
    Seminar Paper Conferences
  • 12.15.2005
    Seminar Papers Due at Noon